About Pin Up Pantry
Set up in 2017, the Pin Up Pantry is a gluten-free haven in London run by freelance writer, vintage-obsessive and red lipstick addict, Becky Cummings.  

After being diagnosed with IBS, Becky discovered that she had a wheat intolerance and also suffered from non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, leading her to remove all wheat-based and gluten-containing products from her diet.  Being an ardent baker, she decided to try to work on some fabulous gluten-free cakes and bakes to satisfy both her need to bake and her sweet tooth.  This led her to establish the Pin Up Pantry to share those treats with anyone in need of cake because let's face it, there are so many times in life where one simply needs cake!

Given that gluten and wheat intolerance is becoming more widespread, it seems unfair that those who are unable to partake are prevented from enjoying delicious and beautiful eats.  

Here you will find a place where you can order a bespoke gluten-free cake, find recipes and read some of Becky's lifestyle musings.  Becky is always available to answer any questions, so please do get in touch here.